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What We Do :: Agua Web Design
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What We Do

We design solutions for the web.

Web Design - Website Planning

We first help our clients discover what technologies and services best serve them. We then educate the client on the advantages and drawbacks, as well as the technology and terminology, of each proposed alternative.

Once our clients fully understand their options, we guide them into making informed decisions. For clients who wish to take on the project themselves, or for those clients with tighter budgets, we remain available as consultants: answering questions and providing guidance along the way. For most clients, however, we then begin the design and development process.

Most developers often excel at one type of technology, and will conform your problem to their go-to solution. They will naturally sell you on whatever it is they do best. We work differently. We have experience working with a variety of solutions, and we excel in research. Our specialty is uncovering and matching solutions to your business needs and budget, educating you so that you fully understand each one and then guiding you toward making your own decisions.

Every project we do is custom tailored to the client. Sometimes a project is a complex mixture of custom strategies that takes months to plan and carry out. Other times, our clients are surprised when we tell them they have overestimated their needs and end up scaling back their original ideas. Ultimately, however, we listen to the client. We advise but never force. We only proceed with what our clients are comfortable doing.

We are used to working with clients with smaller budgets. The strategies we develop for these clients enable them to grow enough to reinvest money into their web presence – which allows them to grow even further. We have helped clients get started with practically nothing; they plant their own seeds and we provide the water that they need to grow. Most of our clients work with us long term. We love to watch clients flourish and their businesses bloom. Many of our clients have redesigned their sites 2, 3 even 4 times over the course of a few years. And all that is due to growth.

Learn more about our project life cycle. Then hit us up to find out what we can do to help grow your business.