Project Life Cycle

This is how we roll.

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Our methodology does not follow a traditional design process. Every client’s needs are varied and unique. Each has a different budget, different market, different vision – and everything in between.
Each project takes on a life of its own. Our development process is like a slow, constant discovery as we help our clients navigate the varied and confusing landscape of branding, web design and marketing.

Think out and plan

The first thing we do is talk. We will ask you lots of questions about your business history, current environment and desired future. This discovery process allows us to uncover problems and suggest solutions. Together we will brainstorm, set goals, define requirements and outline budgets. We will define milestones and map out a timeline of both short and long term goals. Most of our sites are progressive, designed to grow as your business grows.

We then conduct research and begin to outline technical requirements. We never fall back on a go-to solution without first considering other possibilities and making sure it’s the best option and indeed the perfect fit.

Only once we have a thorough understanding of your situation do we begin to create the game plan. The discovery process can take days, weeks or months depending on the size of the project.

Artful conception

When most people think about design, they think visual layouts, illustration and conceptual mockups. But just as beauty is only skin deep, so is visual design. Our definition of design also includes behind-the-scenes aspects such as navigation strategy and information architecture. During this phase we map out the interworkings of your website, such as the conversion workflow, user experience design, assembly of information and ability to conform to growth.

These aspects help us to design wireframes, or a skeletal “blueprint” that outlines placement and functionality. Only then do we begin preparing a visual design.

Materialize and unfold

This is where the physical construction takes place. We begin to build and construct your website by writing the supporting code. Plugins are integrated and configured. We furnish the site by adding content: copy, graphics, photos and video.

It is not uncommon for the visual design to evolve during this stage. Many clients, once they see their content in place, begin looking at the visual representation differently. Content is often rearranged and the aesthetics are modified to support these changes. The key during this stage is adaptability. Here, we may revisit the design stage multiple times in order to get it right. We are not satisfied until the client says, “This is exactly what I want.”

Launch and promote

Delivery begins with bug testing and user testing. Although we generally advise against launching a website too soon, many clients opt to “soft launch” their site, where it is launched without a sufficient user testing period. In these cases, we monitor feedback and usage very closely to quickly identify and fix any bugs or issues that may arise. We also provide user training, either in person, by phone or through written documentation.

Finally, we advise clients on things like blogging, search engine optimization and social media marketing. Clients are briefed on maintenance requirements. We offer ongoing maintenance packages, which are designed to keep your site running optimally and securely.

This is not the final stage; rather it’s the end of the beginning. Your business will grow and technology will change. Features that were once considered “nice to have” become necessary; features you thought you needed become obsolete. User feedback gives you new perspective on what is important. Sales and conversion rates dictate what is working and what could be improved. We now revisit the planning stage. Rinse, repeat.

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