Moringa For Life


  • WordPress
  • Theme Customization
  • Genesis Framework
  • Graphic Design
  • Ecommerce – Cart66
  • Photography


About The Client

Moringa For Life is a family farm based in Vista, CA, operated by Mariko Gifford and her family. Mariko grows Moringa, a healing plant, and packages it into her own line of products, available for retail and wholesale.

Project Scope

This is the second site we have developed for Moringa For Life. Their previous site had a custom-built CMS and shopping cart and served them for a few years. Despite the advantages of a custom-built solution, the cost of maintenance to keep a custom shopping cart up to date was becoming too much. Moringa For Life wanted a solution that was flexible, enabled both retail and wholesale sales, contained a blog, included SEO tools and was easy and inexpensive to maintain. They also wanted to keep costs under control.

The natural choice was a WordPress-based site with a Cart66 shopping cart that ran on the Genesis framework for WordPress, which is ideal for SEO and expandability. We presented three theme design options, each with its own price point. Mariko chose a premium Cart66 theme, which presented a professional design with lots of features for a very low cost. The Genesis framework makes it very easy to upgrade to a custom design at any time without a large upgrade cost. To help spread the budget, we developed the site with retail-only sales for now, but the foundation makes it very simple to upgrade to include password-protected wholesale pricing and ordering at anytime down the road.

Additional services include a custom Testimonial section for featuring customer feedback. We also assisted Mariko with photography services for many of her products. Moringa For Life uses Aweber for email marketing, featuring a newsletter signup form in the site footer. We created a customized maintenance guide to help Mariko maintain her site, as well as provided blogging and maintenance consultations to educate her on how to use email marketing, her blog and SEO to increase site traffic and sales.