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Comfort Silkie :: Agua Web Design
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Comfort Silkie


  • Consulting
  • WordPress
  • Theme Customization
  • Ecommerce




About The Client

Comfort Silkie has been bringing comfort to the world for over 25 years. The family-owned and operated company is based in Carlsbad, CA, and manufactures several lines of silkie and plush blankets, pillows and all things “comfort” for babies, mothers and more.

Project Scope

Comfort Silkie had an outdated OSCommerce website and was badly in need of creating something new. They wanted to develop something themselves in order to keep costs down but didn’t know where to begin. They had spent months researching solutions and were unsure which direction to go, delaying their progress for more than a year. They contacted us in early 2012 and asked us to partner up as consultants, assisting with research, decision making and development advice.

Comfort Silkie needed a CMS that was flexible, simple to develop and maintain and extendable, so we selected WordPress. Their ecommerce solution requirements included product-level customization options as well as a password-protected wholesale ordering system. With its ability to accommodate both retail and wholesale pricing, Cart66 fit the bill. Although Cart66 is able to integrate retail and wholesale pricing on a single website, Comfort Silkie decided it was best to develop separate retail and wholesale sites, based on a number of unique factors. Finally, we advised Comfort Silkie on selecting a premium template that allowed them a beautiful, feature-rich visual design with advanced Cart66 integration, while keeping the development simple and costs low.

In addition to technology research and selection, our consulting services included a detailed, step by step development strategy that enabled Comfort Silkie to take on the the entire development process themselves. We answered questions along the way, stepped in to handle custom scripting when needed and assisted them with a managed site migration when it was time to launch. But, under our website consulting service, Comfort Silkie developed a beautiful, professional website all on their own for a fraction of the cost.