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August 2013 :: Agua Web Design
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Archives for August 2013

Three client responsibilities during a web project

Entering Website Content into a computer

Provide the content

Content includes digital assets, such as logos, color requirements and infographics, as well as copy and supporting graphics (or video) for your pages. (We can provide branding and copy writing assistance upon request, but that adds an additional level of service to your web project.)

Logos should be in a vector format (eps or ai) to give us the most flexibility in creating your design. The client is also expected to provide the written copy along with images or photos in an organized format. And by organized format, we mean that we must clearly understand what goes where. It does not necessarily need to be perfect or publish-ready; we will review your copy to optimize it for the search engines, and also provide editing and writing services to improve it. But the client must give us something.

Give constructive feedback

There are many stages of the design process that require timely response and practical feedback from you, the client. In many instances, we will not be able to proceed until we get the answers that we need. We love to hear “I like it” – but we are much happier when a client gives us specifics about what they do and don’t like about a design or idea. Strive to give us at least 2-3 things you do AND don’t like about something. Your project will move much faster and you’ll also be happier with the result.

Let us know your schedule

It’s also important to emphasize that a delay on behalf of the client can significantly delay a project altogether. You may be on vacation, but if we don’t hear from you for two weeks and can’t proceed until we do, then we will begin another project in the meantime. Then what happens when you suddenly appear, ready to pick up as if you never left? Do you still get priority, or do we owe that to the other (responsive) client? This happens more often that you would think. Help us help you, and give us notice if you will be away. More importantly, tell us when you expect to be back. If you need a day, a week or a month, please tell us so we can plan around you.

A web design company called Agua

Agua - Strip

Água is the Portuguese word for Water. Compliant and mutable, water changes based on its surroundings – conforming to whatever shape holds it. Water goes with the flow, always moving and always changing. Water is a necessity, filling a need for all living beings. Water is life.

At Agua Web Design, we focus on creating websites that flow, refresh, inspire, and revive – just like Water.

Although we have been designing and building websites since 2004, we have not had a website of our own for the past 3 years. Well, unless you count an “under construction” page and contact page as a website. Truth is, we have been so busy building sites for our clients that we have not had time to build one for ourselves. With work often booked several weeks out, we literally had to schedule ourselves in. We made time in our schedule to work for ourselves, and the result is the site you’re reading right now.

Just as with our client projects, we always welcome feedback. We plan on adding new articles on the regular, about topics we think are of interest to our clients. If you have any suggestions please let us know!

Get to know us better.